Fat transfer

Natural way to perfect facial contour Fat transfer (transfer of fat cells) involves using the patient’s own fat tissue instead of synthetic (artificial) filler to smooth out wrinkles, add volume to sagging cheeks and cheekbones, nasolabial wrinkles, to enlarge the lips, hand rejuvenation, and also, procedures to correct contour defects arising as a result of injury or muscular dystrophy. Fat … more info »

International Patients

Alfa Medic General Hospital offers our international patients an array of services; Transport to our hospital upon arrival, and back to the airport following discharge Accommodation in our fully equipped rooms Pre-operative preparation and all necessary diagnostic testing Treatment from renowned clinical physicians and highly-experienced surgeons Post-operative care and around-the-clock monitoring by our lovely nurses At your service, anytime you … more info »

Special offer – Be ready for the Summer!

Over the course of the next two months (August and September), liposuction procedures will be performed at  a 30% discounted price. Get rid of body fat that even the most intense exercises cannot eliminate!  Results are immediately visible, and the recovery period lasts only a few days, without a single night in the hospital! With our help, you can finally achieve … more info »