Insurance companies

Alfa Medic General Hospital provides special benefits for patients – insured by reputable insurance companies, both from Serbia and abroad.

For patients – insured with UNIQA and Delta Generali Insurance, we provide a 10% discount on all our services: specialist examinations, laboratory diagnostics – UZ and X-ray, surgical interventions at the local level as well as surgical procedures performed under general anesthesia (the discount is not applicable to services executed in collaboration with other health care facilities on their premises).

For patients – insured with Benefit Cards AXA insurance, as well as for their children, a 15% discount is offered for the aforementioned services.

The discount process is executed quickly and easily. Check with your insurance company about the procedure, appointments and / or intervention. All you need to do while you are in our institution is to provide identification with a valid ID card, a valid insurance card or benefit card.

In addition, we offer our patients the convenience of providing assistance wherever you are, with the help of our partners EUROP ASSISTANCE Care services, Balkanwide ASSISTANCE and Mondial Assistance.

Alfa Medic General Hospital collaborates with foreign insurance companies such as Thomas Miller CLAIMS Management insurance from England, AP COMPANIES GLOBAL SOLUTIONS insurance from Russia, VANBREDA INTERNATIONAL Insurance Belgium, ADAC insurance in Germany, Allianz insurance from Allianz Group in Ireland and the insurance company Wiener Städtische the Vienna Insurance Group Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG. Austria.

It is as easy as contacting us by phone +381 11 785 88 88 or e-mail:, and our friendly and efficient staff will contact your insurance company in your behalf and carry out all procedures necessary for making an appointment at our hospital for medical intervention.

So, whether home or abroad, our insured patients can obtain medical treatment promptly.


UNIQA of UNIQA Group Austria

Delta Generali Insurance from Generali Group, Italy

Wiener Städtische Insurance of Vienna Insurance Group Wiener Städtische Versicherung AG. Austria


THOMAS MILLER CLAIMS Management insurance, England


EUROP ASSISTANCE Care services, Hungary

Balkanwide assistance, medical assistance, Belgrade, Serbia

Mondial Assistance, Austria

Insurance ADAC, Germany

AXA insurance from AXA Group, a subsidiary of Serbia

Allianz insurance from Allianz Group, Ireland