Breast Reconstruction

rekonstrukcija dojke - foto

Perhaps one of the most traumatizing experiences a woman could ever live through is the surgical removal of breasts due to cancer. The reconstruction of the breasts is one of the most important steps in the postoperative period, in order for the patient to regain confidence and to maintain psychological stability.

Reconstructions are planned from the moment the diagnosis is confirmed.

The most common approach nowadays is to perform what is referred to as “primary reconstruction”, which is essentially the removal of the tumor, and the reconstruction of the breasts with the help of silicone gel implants, being performed during the same operation.

In some cases where more radical removal of the breasts is necessary due to the invasiveness of the tumor, the reconstruction is performed following the completion of the so-called “adjuvant therapy” (chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, etc.). In such cases the breasts are reconstructed using the patient’s own tissue from neighboring regions such as the lateral and posterior parts of the thorax (the widest segment of back muscle with the accompanying skin segment) or from more distant regions such as the lower part of the anterior abdominal wall (TRAM or DIEP flaps).


  • TRAM – Transversal Abdominal Musculoaponeurotic Flap
  • DIEP – Deep Inferior Epigastric Perforator Flap

Specialist plastic surgeons dr. Igor Georgijev and dr. Lazar Pajević, in conjunction with associate physicians at Alfa Medic General Hospital, perform the procedures described above.