Intimate Surgery

The look and feel of the vaginal area is a very important part of a woman’s life, and is associated with both a sense of self-esteem and quality of sex life, while discomfort is associated with improper function and appearance of the vagina, causing serious psychological affects on a woman.
Many women today have cosmetic procedures performed which improve the look and feel of their pubic region. Such interventions generally include the reconstruction, tensioning and reduction of size and beautification of the vagina. Intimate plastic surgery improves dysfunction and further enhance the aesthetics of a woman’s hidden region. Also, mostly due to the ethical needs of women, there is a growing interest in surgical reconstruction of the hymen.

In our hospital our surgeons perform three types of intimate plastic interventions:

– Vaginoplasty (tightening the vaginal muscles)
– Labiaplasty (reducing and / or reshaping the external genital structures)
– Hymenoplasty (reconstruction of the hymen, or “restoring virginity”)

Delivery, aging and genetic factors are the main causes of the weakening of the vaginal muscles, which results in an increase in diameter, loss of form, and therefore the loss of sensation in women.

Consulting with a plastic surgeon at Alfa Medic General Hospital, in a confidential environment, you’ll find details on all the latest methods and procedures used in intimate plastic surgery.

Most of our clients are very happy after their intimate plastic surgery procedure. Tightening the vaginal muscles significantly improves the quality of sex life, and the quality of life for women in general.

According to scientific medical research, female sexual pleasure is directly related to the amount of friction generated, ie the size, shape and function of her vaginal muscles. Intimate plastic surgery will not solve the problems of lack of interest or inability to achieve an orgasm.

Intimate plastic surgery may also be combined with other surgical cosmetic procedures. In most cases, women who have opted for a labiaplasty intervention, also required a surgical procedure for tightening the body, as well as liposuction.