Relaxed rear or undefined shape have lately become a big issue in cosmetic surgery. Although the ideal of the female beauty, in the fashion world are still very thin models, elegant curves, with an emphasis on a well formed bottom are leading the trend, which has surpassed even liposuction. There are two ways to shape the buttocks: with the implants or injection of your own fat. The surgeons say that the increase in volume of the buttocks has become extremely popular, and the cosmetic procedure that involves injecting fat into the buttocks is currently more demanded.
Candidates for the gluteoplasty procedure

Every young person who does not have a fully formed backside can undergo this procedure and to benefit from it, as well as people who in their youth had a nice butt, but due to years of physical inactivity no longer have. This procedure is the best way to shape your buttocks, as well as to solidify and define its contours. It is done under the epidural or general anesthesia and takes about an hour.
Fat injection

Fatty deposits are usually sucked out from the waist or the abdomen, and injected into the behind, which takes bigger and rounder form. We can blame sumptuous beauty’s like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian for this trend, because, they at all times emphasize their femininity putting backside in the foreground.

The implant is placed exactly in the center of the muscle. This maintains the same amount of muscle in front and behind the implant. In this way the implant masks and creates the impression of naturalness. The recommended place for the implant is within the muscle. For this technique smooth implants are used. Round implants points more, and the oval shape are most commonly used for shaping and filling the buttocks. Implant size range from 180 to 350 ml, and last for 20 years or more. Monitoring the state of the implant is done by ultrasound.
After the surgery
The patient can leave the hospital 48 hours after surgery. The first week after the surgery, the patient should be resting. You are not required to lie in bed, you can walk, sit, although at the same time you can feel a discomfort. Most of our patients after four or five days after the surgery may take a short and easy walk. Be sure to sleep on your stomach or on the side 7 to 10 days after the surgery. This avoids direct pressure on the implant. You can feel the pain of middle or high intensity, but it is easily removed with painkillers. Drainage is required 48 hours after surgery to avoid creating “pockets” in the area of the section in which fluid builds up.

Most patients can return to their daily activities after  ten days. You can drive a car, and do all the activities that do not require too much effort. After two months, you can do the exercises you want and any type of sports, including horseback riding, skiing, and all those sports in which the fall is common.

Naturalness is astonishing . Implants are not recognized at a glance, and it is difficult to feel by touch. For a more natural look, you can combine implants with fat injections.