Urology is the field of medicine, which is specialized in dealing with the diseases of urinary organs (kidney, ureters, bladder and the urethra) and the male genital organs (penis, testicles, epididymis, and the prostate).

The most common reasons for which patients report to a urologist are urinary infections, kidney stones, urinary tract diseases and prostate ailments. Unfortunately, a frequent reason for visiting an urologist are the symptoms which may be hiding some genitourinary tract malignancies.

Prompt and accurate diagnosis will facilitate healing and prevent negative consequences and complications of benign diseases (infections, stones, benign prostate enlargement) and malignant diseases which are highly treatable if they are detected at an early stage of development.

Alfa Medic General Hospital offers:

  • Review by a urology specialist
  • Urological ultrasound examination
  • Urology tests
  • Urological intervention under local anesthesia
  • Urological surgery