Transportation Of Patients

Alpha Medic General Hospital provides medically professional, safe, comfortable and high quality patient transport in the area of Belgrade and Serbia, as well as to international destinations. Whether to visit health facilities for dialysis, chemotherapy and other medical treatments, transportation from one medical facility to another or medical helicopter flights and domestic and international transportation can quickly and efficiently be organized for you by calling our emergency service at 011/785 88 88.

Highly qualified doctors and nurses specialized in the field of emergency medicine, trauma, cardiology, and pediatrics and neonatal are available, depending on the needs of each patient. State of the art medical equipment is on hand for patient monitoring, including ECG, defibrillator, oxygen, aspirator, infusion pumps, respiratory and intubation equipment, guaranteeing comprehensive, professional and safe care.

Alfa Medic General Hospital is dedicated to providing the highest quality service, which is why taking care of comfortable transport is as important as the proper medical care that we provide. Creating a comfortable environment, medical staff helps the patient to alleviate the stress that is often experienced in these situations. Therefore, the hospital hires only the most qualified professionals who are dedicated to their work and are aware that a caring relationship with patients is as important as professional knowledge.

Taking care of all aspects of the services that are necessary for safe, comfortable and professional transport, Alfa Medic General Hospital provides a high level of service using a system based on having a highly qualified medical team, state of the art technologies, and concern about the physical and emotional needs of patients and their families.

Wherever you are, Alfa Medic Transport can reach you.