Our ENT team invites you to resolve hearing problems and sinus diseases with the help of our experts and advanced computer diagnostics. At Alfa Medic General Hospital, we offer:

• Examination by an ORL specialist
• Interventions (inhalation, ear rinse, etc…)
• Providing therapy (intravenous and infusion therapy)
• Audiometry and tympanometry
• Examination of dizziness

Otolaryngology is the field that deals with diagnosis and treatments of diseases of the ear, nose and throat in children and adults.

Examination includes:

• Medical history and insight into the health of patients through conversation
• Tympanometry (if necessary)
• Ear rinse (if necessary)
• Diagnosis and determination of treatment
• Laryngoscopy

If a doctor decides that it is necessary, swabs or blood will be taken for microbiological and biochemical analysis.

In addition to standard ORL problems such as bacterial and fungal infections of the external ear, middle ear disease and Eustachian tube for children and adults, oral diseases and throat infections, ORL deals with diseases and problems of the vocal cords, hearing tests for children and adults, as well as testing and treatment of dizziness.

Our hospital has a variety of diagnostic tests and devices that allow you to do the following examinations:
• Tympanometry
• Audiometry
• Vestibulometry
• Microscopical ear examination
• Skin allergy tests to inhalant allergens
• Inhalation
• Aspiration of secretions and cerumen from the ear

Other ORL interventions include:

• Cutting the frenulum
• Surgery of the third tonsil
• Surgery of the third tonsil with implantation of ventilation tubes
• Tonsil surgery
• Tonsil surgery with the installation of ventilation tubes
• Operation of the curve of the nasal septum
• Rhinoseptoplasty
• Operation of nasal polyposis
• Removal of polyps
• Sinoscopy