A smile says a lot. It’s the first thing you see and remember as a general impression of any person you meet. If you want your smile to speak highly of you, give it the necessary attention, improve the health of your teeth, and be proud of your smile. By using the latest technologies and painless procedures, the Cosmetic Dentistry team at Alfa Medic General Hospital will make your smile beautiful. Alfha Medic Cosmetic Dentistry is dedicated to the restoration and strengthening of the natural beauty of your smile, with the guarantee of a highly trained and qualified medical team as well as the latest generation of technology in the field of cosmetic dentistry. The department of cosmetic dentistry at Alfa Medic General Hospital is focused not only on aesthetics, but also on taking care of your overall health, which is directly related to the appearance of your teeth. Therefore, during dental examination, special attention is paid to consideration of your overall health and its connection to your oral health, because a new drug, and your disease history may affect the health of both solid and soft tissues of the oral cavity. We pay special attention to building a caring and friendly relationship with each client, and transforming the uneasy feeling that accompanies some patients when going to the dentist into a relaxing and positive experience. For those afraid of pain, all dental procedures can be done with adequate preparation and general anesthesia. Our entire team at the department of dentistry at Alfa Medic General Hospital is dedicated to providing personalized care and service to make your path to a new smile and healthy teeth the most comfortable.

Alfa Medic General Hospital offers complete dental services:

COSMETIC AND CONSERVATIVE DENTISTRY (aesthetic restorations / fillings, ceramic filling, teeth whitening, different types of metal-free ceramic crowns and veneers, ultrasonic cleaning and polishing…)

  • Children’s and preventive dentistry (care of the youngest patients and their teeth)
  • Oral surgery (extractions, implants and other oral interventions)
  • Orthodontology (fixed and mobile apparatus to correct teeth and jaw position)
  • Periodontics (conservative and surgical treatment of periodontal disease and other dental supporting apparatus)
  • All dental procedures can be performed under general anesthesia.

In our dental practice, thanks to the use of materials and techniques of the latest generation, you can brighten your teeth with highly aesthetical ceramic crowns and veneers that can be made IN ONLY ONE DAY, because your smile is our top priority!