Foot surgery

Although we depend on our feet all our life, we often neglect them by wearing uncomfortable shoes such as high heels or walking and standing for longer periods. In recent years, genetically determined factors (such as čukljevi valgus and ‘hammer’ fingers) and injuries may further contribute to the problem and possibly require medical treatment. The range of treatments we offer is exceptional. We perform surgical and conservative treatments based on medical indications and aesthetic needs.


Surgical, conservative and cosmetical foot treatments

– Valgus
– Limited movement of thumb joint
– “Hammer fingers” and “claw fingers”
– Valgus deformity of the small finger (“windswept toes”)
– Bunion (digitus quintus varus)
– Metatarsalgia
– Misalignments of the toes
– Heel pain (“heel spurs”)
– Ingrown nails (unguis incarnatus)
– Ganglia
– Neuromas
– Pinched nerves
– Tarsal joint and ankle arthritis
– Impingement syndrome of the ankle (“footballer’s ankle”)
– Ankle instability
– Consequences of an accident