Center for Arthroscopy and Sports Surgery

Arthroscopy is the most contemporary, minimally invasive method that can be used for diagnosis, as well as small interventions. The method is based on the introduction of a guided camera into the area of interest, in order to create a clear visual. Individual joint structures can also be manipulated, depending on the nature of the injury or condition. Arthroscopy can be performed under general or nerve-block anesthesia, therefore the patient experiences virtually no discomfort, and the doctor is able to gain clear insight into the condition of the patient.

Arthroscopy is widely used in sports traumatology.
Our team of orthopedic specialists at Alfa Medic General Hospital perform the most innovative endoscopic operations in patents with joint injuries, as well as in cases of degenerative disease of the joints and extra-articular structures. All of these procedures are performed under conditions of general or spinal anesthesia.

The following Arthroscopic interventions can be performed at Alfa Medic General Hospital:

– knee
– shoulder
– wrist and ankle joint
– hip
– elbow
– small joints (wrist, temporomandibular joint)
– spinal column

Among the other procedures that can be performed are:
– X-Ray imaging of bones and joints
– Ultrasound diagnostics of joints
– Joint puncture
– Intraarticular injections
– Therapy via local infiltrate
– Cast immobilization
– Bone or joint repositioning
– Surgical treatment of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
– Surgical intervention of the achilles tendon