ReumatologijaRheumatic disorders present everyday problems for patients who suffer from limited mobility, pain, the need for increased attention in severe cases and the constant supervision of professionals. Rheumatic disorders lead to temporary, partial or permanent disability.

It is therefore of great importance to establish early diagnosis and begin treatment of rheumatic disorders, some of which do not exclude young people. The cause of pain in the bones and muscles, swelling and morning stiffness of the joints, can be one of more than 100 diseases, including various forms of arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and many systemic diseases. Our specialists are at your disposal.


– Rheumatologist review
– X-rays of bones, joints and spine
– Joint ultrasound
– Capillaroscopy
– Laboratory analysis of blood and urine
– Salivation test


– Intravenous therapy
– Infusion with bisphosphonates (Aredia, Bonviva)
– Intramuscular therapy puncture of joints
– Intra-articular injection
– Local infiltration of drug