Kidney weakness is a very common symptom that patients often complain about. The symptoms are pain in the flank area, fever, fatigue, malaise, loss of appetite, itching, difficulty urinating, nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, irritability etc.

Besides a detailed discussion and physical examination, nephrology tests include a complete laboratory examination. The evaluation of kidney function is based on laboratory studies, clinical examinations, color Doppler ultrasound diagnosis of kidney, adrenal and renal arteries, and if necessary, additional diagnostic procedures.

Alfa Medic General Hospital provides the following services:

  • Examination by a nephrologist
  • Ultrasound of urogenital organs
  • X-Ray
  • IVP – intravenous pyeloureterography
  • Laboratory tests
  • Microbiological analysis
  • Immunochemical analysis
  • Therapy