Surgery (cheirourgia / gr. / – hand and work) is a branch of clinical medicine that deals with the study and treatment of diseases that must be treated by surgeons hands using mechanical means (instruments).


Operative surgery can be divided according to treatment approach into four groups:

• wound repair
• extirpation of the diseased parts or whole tissues and organs
• reconstructive surgery
• physiological surgery

In order to achieve successful operation, in addition to the manual dexterity of the surgeon it is necessary to have extensive medical training and knowledge as well as engineering and technology. Due to the progress of surgery and the increasing volume of knowledge and the development of many surgical techniques, with the aim of providing better medical services to patients, surgeons specialize increasingly, so it comes to the development of new surgical disciplines or their subdisciplines. Today, surgery has a number of branches:

– neurosurgery
– maxillofacial surgery
– orthopedics
– plastic and reconstructive surgery
– thoracic surgery
– abdominal surgery
– vascular surgery
– urology, as well as numerous other sub – disciplines.

Surgical block of Alfa Medic General Hospital consists of two operating rooms and intensive care unit. The hospital has single, double and three-bed rooms, equipped with modern beds and devices for monitoring the patient’s condition. Each room has its own toilet, cable TV, Wi-Fi connection, video surveillance as well as IP video phone.

The Alfa Medic General Hospital staff is highly specialized and committed to their work. Both doctors and nurses keep in touch with the latest medical achievements and trends by attending and taking part in medical symposiums and conferences home and abroad as well as doing training courses, thus being able to offer patients the most advanced and efficient treatment.

Having in view all the above mentioned, Alfa Medic Hospital has become one of the leading private hospitals in Serbia.