Anorectal surgery

Alfa Medic General Hospital surgeons successfully perform anorectal surgery. Anorectal surgery solves the following problems:

Anal fissure
Anal abscesses and fistulas
Perianal fistulas
Pilonoidal Sinus



If you are insured by one of the insurance companies we work with ( ) or any other insurance company, there is a possibility that the cost of treatment is covered by your health insurance policy!

The surgical block at Alfa Medic General Hospital consists of two operating rooms and an intensive care unit. The hospital has single, double and three-bed rooms, equipped with modern beds and devices for monitoring the patient’s condition. Each room has its own bathroom, cable TV, Wi-Fi connection, video surveillance as well as an IP video phone.

All Alfa Medic General Hospital staff follow the latest trends and attend ongoing training and professional development events. Therefore, Alfa Medic General Hospital can offer its patients the most advanced and effective solutions.

Keeping in mind the aforementioned, Alfa Medic General Hospital has become one of the leading private hospitals in Serbia.

What we truly appreciate and pay special attention to is integrity and personal dignity of each and every patient.