Fat transfer


Natural way to perfect facial contour

Fat transfer (transfer of fat cells) involves using the patient’s own fat tissue instead of synthetic (artificial) filler to smooth out wrinkles, add volume to sagging cheeks and cheekbones, nasolabial wrinkles, to enlarge the lips, hand rejuvenation, and also, procedures to correct contour defects arising as a result of injury or muscular dystrophy. Fat transfer is minimally invasive method of rejuvenation that restores fullness to the cheeks, fills and eliminates wrinkles, gives lips a natural discreet volume, and leaves your skin fresh.

Alfa Medic General Hospital plastic surgeons Dr Lazar Pajević and Dr Igor Georgiev perform this intervention every Tuesday and Thursday at fantastic prices! Results are immediately visible, and the recovery period lasts only a few days, without a spending asingle night in the hospital!


Scheduling appointments and consultations are required!

More information about the intervention itself can be found on www.alfamedic.rs or you can call us by calling + 381 (11) 785 88 88 .


Filling in the cheekbones : 350€ 

Filling nasolabial wrinkles : 350€ 

Lip enlargement : 300


The whole face: 900€ 

Hand rejuvenation: 550 €